Smart Lab - Aftershock! Earthquake Lab

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Can your buildings withstand a MAGNITUDE 10 Earthquake? Simulate Hundreds of seismic events! Construct all kinds of buildings and then put your creations to the test with quakes of different tupes, magnitudes, and durations. The variable-lock girder system offers endless structural experimentation. The dual-motion shake table allows you to test your ideas with realistic quakes! Includes seismic science book.

This STEAM kit investigates ENGINEERING and SCIENCE - Seismology - Motorised Shake Table - Building Platform - 32 Variable-Lock Building Girders - 9 Floor Panels - 1 Base Panel - 8 Sheaths of Structural Cladding - 6 Mix-and-Match Quake Keys - 3 Interlocking Power Spines - 24 Page Full-Colour Book, - Sticker Sheet 40w x 38h x 7.62d cm's

Ages 8+