Schleich - Stable Cleaning Kit with Calf



After their birth, the calf and the lamb are kept in stalls with cosy, warm straw. This offers excellent protection from the wind and weather, allowing them to grow quickly.

Every morning, the farmer gets up early to tend to his animals. The Shropshire lamb and the Fleckvieh calf have just come into the world, and are still a little wobbly on their feet. They need a lot of care. Are they healthy? After the farmer has checked that they are happy and healthy, he feeds the animals and brings them a bucket of fresh water to ensure they have enough to drink. Then he takes the broom and sweeps the walkway between the stalls.


The farmer brushes the stall with his broom to make sure it is clean and tidy.


1 x Simmental calf, 1 x Shropshire sheep, 2 x carrot, 1 x green bucket, 1 x broom

Ages 3+