Schleich - My First Farm Animals


The first animals have arrived on the farm and found a nice place in the stalls. In order to ensure that they develop properly and that their numbers increase, the farmer only gives them the best feed.

The farm animals are exploring their new home and sniffing their surroundings curiously. The pig jumps up with delight – its keen sense of smell has led it to some apples and carrots. It devours them, munching happily. The farmer feeds the hay to the Black-Pied cow, which is already mooing hungrily. The cute little lamb is allowed onto the pasture for the first time today. The way it prances around is hilarious to watch. The hen watches the goings on with interest from the farmyard, and occasionally pecks at grains of corn.


At the farm, you can hear the animals squeaking, mooing, baaing and clucking happily.


1 x Holstein cow, 1 x pig, 1 x sheep, 1 x hay, 1 x green apple, 1 x carrot