Schleich - Gorilla Family Set


Gorilla family

Gorillas are gentle giants. They roam the forests of Central Africa for plant food. They are very patient parents and keep their calm with their young ones. An older male, the silverback, leads the group.

  • Conservation status: Endangered [en]
  • Global Home: Africa
  • Primary Habitat: Forest

Old male gorillas develop a patch of silver-grey fur on their back, which is why they are known as “silverbacks”

Gorillas are gentle giants that live withdrawn in the mountain forests of Central Africa. They roam the forests looking chiefly for plant food. Gorillas take great care of their young. The young charge about between the adults and before long this becomes too much for one of the adults. The gorilla troop is led and protected by an adult male, the so-called silverback. Unfortunately, gorillas are among the most threatened species on our planet, their environment is becoming increasingly restricted.

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