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Fruit bat

Flying foxes are related to bats, but are much larger. They can grow to have a wingspan of up to 1.7 meters.

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  • Binomial name: Pteropus rodricensis
  • Conservations status: Critically Endangered [cr]
  • Global Home: Africa
  • Primary Habitat: Forest

Just like bats, flying foxes sleep hanging upside down in trees.

Flying foxes are a species of mammal that look like huge bats. Despite an enormous wingspan of up to 1.7 meters, these animals are completely harmless. They feed only on plants. In addition to their size, there are further differences between them and bats, to which they are related to. For example, most species of flying fox are not capable of echolocation; however, they do have extremely well-developed eyes and an excellent sense of smell.

Ages 3+ | Warning - Choking Hazard