Schleich - At Home with the Herbivores Set


At home with the herbivores

Stegosaurus and Saichania were both peaceful herbivores. They were well protected by their armour and their dangerous tails against attacks from large predatory dinosaurs. The two were surely able to defend themselves well.

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The Stegosaurus and the Saichania were extremely well-protected herbivores.

Stegosaurus and Saichania were actually peaceful herbivores. But a dinosaur predator had better not get too close. Both dinosaurs were very well able to look after themselves. A Stegosaurus could seriously injure any adversary with the sharp horns at the end of its tail. A Saichania could break any attacker’s legs or inflict other grave injuries with the bony club of its tail. Consequently, both of the armoured dinosaurs were definitely no easy prey for the big predators.