Schleich - Assorted Wild Life Animals

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Assorted Wildlife Animals

The set includes five animals from the African savannah: a cheetah cub, a giant pangolin, a flamingo, a giraffe calf and an African elephant calf. Africa has an incredible variety of different animal species. The hot savannahs of southern and eastern Africa are home to elephants, giraffes and dangerous big cats such as cheetahs. Giant pangolins live in the tropical rainforests of central Africa, while flamingos love fishing for crabs in big saltwater lakes.

Fun Fact: During their first months, baby cheetahs have a long, fluffy mane on the head and neck.

Item Number: 42388
Approx Dimensions: 13.4 x 4.5 x 30 cm
Hand-painted in extreme detail

Made from high quality plastic

1x Cheetah Cub, 1x Giant Pangolin, 1x Flamingo, 1x Giraffe Calf, 1x African Elephant Calf

WARNING! Small parts, not for children under 3 years