Schleich - Araber Stallion (Exclusive)


Special Edition Arab Stallion

Arab horses are often considered to be the most beautiful horse breed in the world. Their beautiful high tails and the refined curve of their noses are especially striking.

Arab horses originally came from the dry desert regions of the Arabian Peninsula. Elegant, smooth and tireless, they used to gallop over the hot sand. Nowadays, the majestic animals are still famed for their extraordinary endurance. In distance events, they almost always come first: they are the fastest horses in the world over long distances. Arab horses are generally friendly, gentle and reliable. However, it is also said that they are nervous and difficult. This is because they are extremely sensitive creatures.

Fun fact: Arab horses are the oldest breed of horse in the world. They used to be bred in the desert by Bedouins.

Scientific Name: 
Equus Ferus Caballus
Global Home: Worldwide
Conservation Status: Least Concern

Item Number: 72134
Dimensions: 12.8 x 3.8 x 10.9 CM (WxDxH)

Ages 3+