Schleich - Apalu



The little Rainbow Koala Apalu is sitting on his favourite tree in the middle of the forest. Sometimes he runs to the Rainbow Elves, who always look forward to its visit a lot and feed it with sweet fruits.

Apalu lives with his friends in the forests of the rainbow island. He spends most of his time high up in the trees, where he plays, eats and sleeps. Sometimes he climbs down and runs into the village of the rainbow elves. There he is the source of much excitement, because all the elves think he is so cute and feed and stroke him. Apalu enjoys this a lot, but at the latest in the evening he returns to his friends in the forest.

Fun Fact: Apalu loves the small, sweet fruits of the rainbow tree.

Item: 70495
Hand-painted in extreme detail
Made from high quality plastic

WARNING! Small parts, not for children under 3 years