Majorette: City - MAN TGS

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Majorette model vehicles: making street cleaning child's play!

They're the heroes that work away in the background of city life: with a Majorette city cleaning vehicle, children can integrate an important service into their play city. 

The collection comprises six different vehicles licensed by large manufactures such as MAN, Renault, Porsche and VW. From the toy rubbish truck to the box van, and through to the lorry, the models have been designed to replicate the authentic design of street cleaning vehicles to make the play city landscape even more realistic.

Moving and opening parts provide an exciting insight into the way that cleaning machines work and are constructed. The vehicles in the Majorette City range have transparent front lights and feature the logos of the licensors.

These model vehicles help to re-enact realistic imaginary worlds. They are an essential addition to every collection.