Buzzy Bee & Friends - Driver Don


Hello there, I’m Driver Don and I love my truck. I love its red colour. I love steering and accelerating and tooting my horn.

I live at the truck stop in Rolling Downs. It’s a great place.

I love doing deliveries in Rolling Downs. One of my favourite things to do is to drive over the swing bridge.

Up and down Rolling Down’s bobbing as I go. I deliver all sorts of things and I don’t like being late, it makes me cross.

Actually some of the folks think I’m a bit gruff, and fair play, I can get a bit scratchy but I really don’t mean any harm. Like the time I got covered in the ducklings kite and they all thought I was a monster! Or when I got covered in paint…blimey.

But I do love that young whipper snapper Trikey, he’s a tiger on his trike alright….I really do miss him if he’s away for the day. We have lots of fun together. Here’s a picture of us when we were the Rolling Downs Riddlers.

Now, there’s deliveries to make so I must away… Te ra for now.