Schleich - Nutty Mischief


Woodland shenanigans are afoot in the Schleich® Nutty Mischief playset! Two sassy raccoons and a bold skunk have their eye on a prized walnut! Who will get this tasty snack? Only one way to find out! This story starter from Schleich Wild Life makes a perfect gift for kids ages 3 and up.


The clever skunk tosses the walnut in the wooden barrel to hide it from the raccoons. But, oh no! One of the cheeky raccoons is in the barrel! Will the skunk be able to get the nut back? The Nutty Mischief playset from Schleich® features your favorite woodland critters in a playful game of keep away.

Included with the Nutty Mischief playset are two crafty raccoon figurines, an adorable skunk figurine, plus a barrel and plastic walnut accessory. The playset features the enduring quality and detail that make Schleich toys famous worldwide. The Nutty Mischief playset invites limitless storytelling as part of the Schleich® Wild Life collection of animal figurines and playsets.

Fun Fact

Skunks and raccoons tend to forage in the same locations at night. Do you think they argue over who’s first in line at the buffet?


1x Raccoon, 1x Raccoon, sitting, 1x Skunk, 1x Barrel, 1x Walnut