Turtle Racing: HD Top Plate for HPI Baja5B


Turtle Racing Heavy Duty Top Plate for HPI Baja 5B

New Turtle Racing HD Top Plate for HPI Baja 5b. Turtle Racing’s new series of HD parts are truly living up to their name and Turtle Racing’s reputation for high standards and tough products. Turtle Racing’s new HD Top Plate is more than capable of living up to these standards.

This HD Top Plate is twice as thick as the stock plate, made out of 6061 Billet Aluminum and pocketed in all the right places for proper fit. The TR HD Plate is cut out specifically for a snug fit with the servo box, this was done to hold the servo box tight so stock servo box mounting hardware can be used with the same confidence of securing it with screws. Note: billet body mount is not included.

TR Part #'s 1061 1062 1063

Note: Fits HPI Baja 5b, Baja 5bSS, King Motor Baja & Rovan Baja models.