Transformers - Die Cast Tin Box Set


Transformers car in a tin: the cool collecting craze!

Now children can experience their heroes close up like never before! And every fan becomes a collector: the Transformers car combines tremendous scope for play with a cool appearance to provide twice the fun. The car is available in five different versions. The design of the tin and car are based on popular characters from the TV series "Transformers - Robots in Disguise". You can choose between an Autobot or the ringleader of their opponents, the Decepticons. The set includes a collectors' flyer that shows various Transformers from the world of the Transformers. It goes without saying: in an ideal world fans of the series would love to own all five tins. They make a perfect little gift and a real eye-catcher. Set children's hearts racing with excitement!

Choose from: Optimus Prime, Steeljaw, Bumblebee, Sideswipe,Strongarm

Ages 3+