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Pogona Lizard

Pogona lizards are relatively large lizards from Australia. With their many spikes, they look like little dragons.

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  • Binomial name: Pogona Vitticeps
  • Conservations status: Not endangered 
  • Global Home: Australia
  • Primary Habitat: Forest, Savannah

Pogona lizards are true omnivores.  They eat anything they can get.

Pogona lizards are medium to large lizards which can reach lengths of up to 60 cm. They look a bit like miniature dragons. Related to iguanas, Pogona lizards are only found in the wild in Australia. Their many spikes are one of their characteristic features. The rows of spikes present on their lower jaws are how the Pogona lizard got their nickname, "bearded dragon."

Ages 3+ | Warning - Choking Hazard