Schleich - Baby Alligator

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Baby alligator

Alligators are easy to recognise because the teeth in their lower jaw are not visible from the side.

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  • Binomial name: Alligatoridae
  • Conservations status: Least concern [lc]
  • Global Home: America, China
  • Primary Habitat: Wetlands

Young alligators love to ride on their mother’s back or head.

Although alligators build a nest, they do not incubate their eggs themselves. They would break the eggshells with their extremely heavy weight. Instead, they collect plants that rot slowly. This does not sound very appetizing, but when the plants rot, they create warmth, thus hatching the eggs. If the temperature is less than 34 degrees, female alligators hatch, male alligators hatch if the temperature is more than 34 degrees. The young stay around their mother for up to two years and feed on small fish, frogs or insects until they are grown.

Ages 3+ | Warning - Choking Hazard