Paulinda Eye Love You Panda Bear


Clean and easy to play with, Super Dough's bright and vibrant color won't stain your hands and dries smooth. Perfect for any age (recommended ages 3 and up). Super Dough starts as a soft, pliable dough that you can shape, re-shape, model and re-model and when it dries, it's dry and looks just like you set it! Each kit includes everything you see in the photograph to make the complete Paulinda Art Piece (including eyes, dough, crafting tools, printed instructions, etc).

  • Approx Size: 3.5"
  • Set includes dough, eyes and crafting tools
  • Safe & Non Toxic
  • Expands while drying, dough can be reused by adding water
  • Super Dough is Soft Safe and Clean with silky smooth texture waterbased and does not stain