Hinkler: Kids Who Craft - Make Your Own Grabber

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Kids Who Craft: Make Your Own Grabber

age: 5-8

ISBN 9781488911712

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Product Size

255 x 255 mm

Publication Date

1 Dec 17

Bring out your child's inner engineer and build a functioning grabber toy! Using the easy-to-follow instructions, assemble the handle of the grabber. Connect the claw with wooden dowels, then make the whole thing operational with rubber bands. Finally, customise it with stickers and you’re ready to play! Have a blast picking your toys, tidying up your room like a game and reaching something out of arm’s reach with this awesome grabber! Containing all you need to create this cool grabber, this kit is a great gift idea or a rainy-day activity.

What's Included

  • 17 punch-outs
    • 2 rubber bands
    • 6 wooden dowels
    • 1 sticker sheet
    • 2 foam pieces
    • 4 metal snap sets
    • 1 tube of glue (9 ml)
    • 1 instruction booklet