Brickadoo Garage

Whether you're a boy or a girl, 6 or 86 years old, Brickadoo is fun from the very first brick. It allows you to build the most beautiful buildings like houses, shops, a pizzeria, a petrol station, a fire station... really anything you can possibly think of! Each box of Brickadoo building blocks contains all you need for the construction of a complete section of Brickadoo City. Besides plenty of building bricks, water-soluble cement and wooden building elements (doors and frames), you will also find a trowel, a mixing bin and a base plate. There's also a foam card with press-out figures and materials to furnish the house you have built, so that it really comes to life. The various base plates fit together, enabling you to expand the city as much as you like. And each box comes with building instructions, of course. The white bricks and the water-soluble cement are made of natural raw materials that don't contain any harmful substances.