Adora - ToddlerTime Doll 50.8cm - Rainbow Unicorn

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50.8cm Toddler Time - Rainbow Unicorn

Life like beautiful toddler doll who’s one of a kind, magical and sparkles wherever she goes? ToddlerTime Doll, Rainbow Unicorn, of course! She is dressed in a super fun, white zip-up unicorn hoodie with a pink unicorn horn and rainbow fur mane. Her pink jersey knit t-shirt is ADORAble with a unicorn embroidery applique on the front, which tops off her star printed pink leggings tucked in cosy white fur boots. Rainbow Unicorn’s short, light blonde hair and matching headband compliment her magical outfit, beautiful blue eyes and sweet expression. ToddlerTime Doll Rainbow Unicorn is 50.8cm from head to toe, made of baby powder scented high-quality vinyl with moveable head, and ¾ vinyl arms and legs. Her weighted cloth body is complete with a diaper for realistic play to develop social skills while engaging in nurturing, pretend play. Meets or exceeds all Toy Tests for Children Age 6+. 50.8 cm Light Blonde Hair/ Blue Eyes Hand-painted face Hand-applied eyelashes Hand-sewn premium quality fashions Weighted bodies made to feel just like a real baby Fresh baby powder scent