Schleich - Fitness Check for Big Tournament

The vet is doing a fitness check on all horses for the big tournament, because the animals’ health is always top priority. In her doctor’s mobile, she has everything she needs to examine the Appaloosas and the thoroughbred stallion. If there is nothing wrong with the animals, the vet gives her OK. Off they go for the high jumps and water jumps!


The mobile vet’s pick-up is perfectly equipped. The vehicle is like a doctor’s office on four wheels.


1x car, 1x vet, 1x vet's kit, 1x stethoscope, 1x syringe, 1x medication bottle, 1x laptop, 1x X-ray machine, 1x purple adhesive bandage, 1x halter, 1x table, 1x chair, 1x prescription pad, 2x sticker sheets, 1x riding school roof, 12x paddock, 1x gate, 1x rider, 1x riding instructor, 2x purple vertical fences, 1x moat, 1x trophy, 1x English Thoroughbred stallion, 1x Appaloosa mare, 1x Appaloosa gelding, 1x Appaloosa foal, 1x assembly instructions